Feasibility study for photovoltaic solar panels - North Pumping Station

Date: 2011
Duration: 4 Months
Client: S.C. APA NOVA Bucharest S.A.

Project overview

This pre-feasibility level study takes into account all design restrictions, and proposes technical solutions estimating:

  • The potential electricity production, taking into account constraints (land availability, construction compatibility support, weather conditions),
  • This study allows Apa Nova SA to make an assessment of the relevance of investing in photovoltaic power plants and choose the most relevant technical and economic solutions.

Our missions

Technical study to assess the project feasibility for photovoltaics that are installed in tanks and ground,in the perimeter of water reservoirs of the North Pumping Station of Bucharest, namely:

  1. On each container (R1, R2 and R3): Surface area between 6000 and 10 000 m²
  2. Unoccupied ground on land