Consultancy Services for Construction of Sebeș - Turda Highway

Highway section Sebeș - Turda has been achieved in western Romania and will connect Corridor Pan IV - European, section Oraștie - Sibiu in the city of Sebeș (km 0 + 000) and Transylvania Highway section Turda - Gilau in the Turda city (km 70 + 000).

Highway section Sebeș - Turda has a total length of 70 km and is divided into 4 lots.

Sebeș - Turda
Date: 2008 - 2015
Duration: 74 Months
Client: Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads

Project overview

The highway section has a length of 17km, with two lanes in each direction, platform width: 26m, verges of 1.75 m.

Three interchanges: Road knot Sebeș, Alba Iulia South Road junction at km 8 and north of Alba Iulia junction km 16.

The works will also include the following: Earthworks, construction of embankments, construction of sidewalks, fences, barriers, fences, marking and signaling elements horizontally and vertically, lighting, public areas and land development.

Our missions

The project is expected to obtain the following benefits:

  • economic benefits to the local population
  • reducing pollution
  • the improvement of health and lifestyle
  • corridor road performance improvement by increasing the speed of travel
  • reduce operating costs • reducing the number of accidents
  • improving comfort during the trip
  • increasing the flow of traffic and reduce congestion in traffic
  • eliminating city crossing