Construction Supervision of Brașov - Târgu Mureș - Cluj - Oradea- Borș Highway

Brașov - Borș
Date: 2004 - presents
Client: Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads

Project overview

The project includes construction of 415 km of new highways, with 2 x 2 lanes. Construction of the highway was divided into eight different groups.

The Brașov-Oradea highway correlated with the Bucharest-Brașov highway will provide a direct link between Romania and Central and Western Europe. This highway will have a great appeal for trafficking from Moldova by the national road network upgraded or included in the modernization program and the south-east (Contact port Constanta) through the highway Bucharest-Constanța and also for traffic generated from major urban centers in the area of influence of the highway.

The Brașov-Oradea highway was divided into three sectors:

Sector 1: Brașov-Târgu Mureș

Sector 2: Târgu Mures-Cluj

Sector 3: Cluj-Oradea.

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